Accessories for self launchers

Fire Alarm Module

Fire Alarm Module


The fire detection module has been specially developed for gliders with a retractable engine. This reliable and self-monitoring electronics provides the pilot with the necessary warning of a structural failure due to a smoldering fire or fire in the engine bay. The alarm is audible both by built-in piezo siren (about 85dB) and visually by flashing a bright red LED, which can be installed in the instrument panel.
The fire is detected by a special fire alarm cable which has been laid and fastened in the engine bay accordingly. The characteristics of the fire alarm cable and its laying determine fire detection all by itself. The module is designed for the lowest power consumption during operation and requires only 0.16mA !!! The device is protected against reverse polarity and overvoltages. Standby mode is indicated by a flashing LED. Errors in the system are also displayed.

Accessories for the SN10(B)
  • Remote Control for SN10(B)
  • Slave SN10 LCD display with controls for 2nd seat in Two-Seaters
  • GPS (12-Channel)
  • USB Adaptor for easy flight log save, turnpoint & airspace load, and SN10 software update
Accessories for the SC 7
  • McCready dials, tailored to sailplane types
  • Secondary analogue display