MCU3-System (Ventus 3, Arcus 20M)

MCU3 Motor Controller

The MCU3 is the latest version of ILEC motor controllers. The simple and precise visualisation of information regarding the motorsystem was in our focus. It was a customer requirement to have information on the display in plain text. In addition to that, a graphic display offers the possibility to have a analogue presentation of values next to their digital values. For example RPM and coolant temperature.  Operating conditions can be realized in an instant.

A further feature ist the electronic ignition test. We have the opinion that this switch is obsolete and we needed the space.  All errors, quickly cleared by the pilot, now can be read again in our error log. Also a error log file saved to the SD card can now be sent to ILEC via email for upfront analysis. That possibility saves time during analysis.

The calibration of the fuel indicator and entering values of a wing tank is much more confortable now. Further inventions will follow.

With the MCU3 we have entered a new dimension of electronic parts to be able to build a smaller device. The picture shows a first prototype. So please apologise the look. We make it beautiful till start of production.