TEK Probes

ILEC-TE Total energy probe, Fuselage mounting:
Probe for fuselage with a app. 350mm length
connecting diameter 6mm or 8mm
golden galvanised
order numbers:
100021: 6mm probe fuselage (350mm)
100022: 8mm probe fuselage (350mm)
Extended probe for tail fin with app. 900mm length
connecting diameter only 8mm
golden, blue, red or black galvanised
order numbers:
100023: 8mm probe tail fin (900mm) – please tell us your desired color
Mounting adaptor for all probes
receptacle diameter 6mm or 8mm
brass app. 90mm long with tube connector 5mm
order numbers:
100024-6: 6mm receptacle diameter
100024-8: 8mm receptacle diameter

These are the very famous ILEC TE probes. Due to the special design of these probes, they offer excellent compensation combined with high insensitivity to sideslip. This feature of the TE-probe is especially important during thermalling, where a small sideslip is nearly unavoidable. The use of TE-Probes for total energy compensation is superior to the usage of membrane systems or electronically compensation, because the latter two methods strongly depend on the accurate measurement of the static pressure. Static measurement is in nearly all aircraft a serious (unsolved) problem, especially in case of sideslip.

Our Probes are made out of a very durable aluminum alloy with a golden anodized surface to protect against corrosion. Due to the low weight, the tendency of our probe to oscillate is less compared to brass or steel probes.

Each probe consists of three parts: the sensing head with its two holes, the tube and the mount with O-ring sealing. The mount is available in 6mm and 8mm diameter.

The probe is simply installed by pushing it into the opening. The O-ring seals, putting tape around the mount is not necessary. After landing, the probe is pulled out and stored at a safe place. You can choose between three standard types: an approx. 500mm long horizontal tube for tail fin mount , an approx. 350mm long vertical tube to be installed at least 1000mm behind the rear edge of the wing for fuselage mount. – These probes can be delivered with 6mm and 8mm diameter connector and include the two-hole sensing head. – An extra long probe with 900mm length is available for tail fin mount on planes with very tall tail fin like open class gliders. This extra long probe can only be delivered with 8mm connector due to stability reasons.

Installing a ILEC TEK-Probe

Mounting the probe to the glider: Usually, on newer planes, a brass tube with 6mm or 8mm diameter is laminated either into the tail fin or the fuselage to support the probe. When there’s no such support, ILEC offers such assembly adaptors with 8mm diameter and connector for the hose to laminate into the plane.

Maintenance of the probe: It is recomended to grease the connector slightly, e.g. with Vaseline© Before insertion of the probe make sure the edge of the assembly adaptor is rounded. Otherwise the O-ring easily can be cut and destroyed. The inner of the assembly adaptor is supposed to be clean and smooth, eventually to be reworked with a 6mm or 8mm reamer (tolerance H7).