Ilec SN10B Sailplane Computer The SN10B is the easiest to use sailplane computer available. This simplicity means more time looking out of the cockpit, for faster and safer soaring. The SN10B represents the state of the art in variometer and computer functions for sailplanes. It contains extremely accurate sensors for variometer, airspeed, altimeter, and G load, plus an optional GPS satellite navigation receiver. These provide complete variometer functions and show your choice of variometer indications on the external meters plus audio. The SN10B provides a wide range of flight planning and analysis functions. A built-in turnpoint library eases task planning. Continuous estimation of time and altitude required to complete the task provides superb task progress tracking with little effort from the pilot. For turn-area tasks, the pilot can ask the SN10B what-if questions to determine the best task for the time remaining. A simple glideslope presentation, coupled with an accurate digital altimeter, allows final glide monitoring without arithmetic. Final glides around turnpoints are automatically calculated with no pilot effort required. The SN10B’s unique thermal heightband graph allows easy monitoring of lift conditions through the day and eases time-to-leave-this-thermal decisions. Automated estimation of wind strength and direction allows better end-of-task planning and final glides around turnpoints without extra effort by the pilot.


SN10 Sailplane Computer

SN10 USB Adaptor

SN10B: Key Benefits

  • Altitude-compensated ILEC-variometer system with your choice of audio and meter presentations.
  • Moving map showing task, airspace boundaries, and alternate landing fields.
  • Club Mode for super-easy operation – navigation and final glide home or to an alternate.
  • Fast and accurate wind estimation
  • Easy task entry, task problem solving, and task changing during flight (including turn-area tasks)
  • Huge Database of airfields and turning points loaded from your PC.
  • Easy Final Glides around turnpoints without additional work.
  • Integrated G-meter.
  • Exclusive Thermal Height-Band Display.
  • Instant on screen Help for all information and settings.
  • Integral local area network for future options.
  • Optional Remote Control Unit makes operation effortless (no reaching for the panel).
  • Comprehensive flight statistics.
  • RS-232 interface for easy data transfer to/from PC or GPS.
  • Easy Software updates (for new features) using your PC or notebook.
  • Your choice of units for speed, altitude, pressure, water load, temperature, etc.
  • Built-in polars for all common sailplanes, or add your own custom polars.
  • Choice of Audio style to suit your preference.
  • Two-Seat option for dual screens and controls.
  • No loss of information when computer is turned off (switch batteries in flight without problems).
  • All ILEC products come with a 2 year warranty.
SN10B Remote Control